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NightEars™ Active

NightEars™ Active

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Elevate Your Active Lifestyle with Versatile Comfort

Want better sleep? Ready to power up your workouts with a soundtrack tailored just for you? Enter NightEars™ Active—the dynamic headband headphone sleep mask designed to seamlessly integrate into your active lifestyle. As the sun sets, effortlessly transition from sweet slumber to invigorating workouts with personalized sounds that cater to tranquility and motivation. Beyond its light-blocking capabilities, this innovative headband doubles as your cozy eye mask, ensuring a snug fit for restful nights and providing a conduit for immersive music playback during your most active moments.

  • Promotes restful sleep for rejuvenation
  • Enhances exercise focus with customizable soothing sounds
  • Partner-friendly listening experience for shared moments
  • Seamlessly blends comfort and technology for a perfect union
        • Side Sleepers
        • 10-15 Days Delivery
        • 100 Days Guarantee
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        Your Gateway to Blissful Nights

        Product Information

        Features you'll love:

        Versatile Functionality: The NightEars™ Active seamlessly transitions from a light-blocking sleep mask to a wireless Bluetooth headset, ensuring relaxation and entertainment all in one.

        Secure Elastic Fit: With an elastic and secure fit, this headband stays comfortably in place during sports, sleep, or any on-the-go activity, providing the perfect blend of security and comfort.

        Ultra-thin Bluetooth Headphones for Side Sleepers: Slim 0.2-inch thick headphones covered by soft fabric, offering comfort for side sleepers who can barely feel them on their ears.

        Long Battery Life: The NightEars™ Active boasts a maximum sound playing time of 7 hours and up to 10 hours at medium volume, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment during your activities - only takes 2 hours to get the 150mAh battery back to full charge!

        What's in the box

        NightEars™ Active: Your key to serene nights and unparalleled sporting comofort.

        Instruction Manual: Easy-to-follow guidance for a seamless experience.

        Charging Cable: Ensure your NightEars are always ready for continuous relaxation.

        Shipping information

        We offer free standard delivery on all orders in the UK and US. Deliveries take 10-15 business days to arrive.

        Please find our shipping policy here

        Money-Back Guarantee

        Try NightEars™ Deluxe risk-free for 100 days - if it's not for you, no hard feelings! Get in touch and send it back within 100 days for a full refund.

        Struggling to fall asleep?

        Solution is here! Say goodbye to tossing and turning. NightEars™ Active is your sanctuary in a busy world. Catering to side-sleepers or regular nap takers in the day, our immersive headband delivers whatever soothing music you want while blocking out nearby snores of your partner.

        Enjoy your person sound oasis without disturbing your partner. Wheather you're easing into sleep or gearing up for a run, do it without a single complaint from those around you.

        Enhance your workouts with energizing audio!

        When its time to turn up the intensity, NightEars™ Active provides the perfect backdrop. Powered by dynamic rhythms, it pushes you beyond your limits, making each session as productive as it is energising.

        Say goodbye to sleepless nights!

        Picture your head on a fluffy cloud, driffting off to sleep. Play nice sleepy music that doesn't hear your ears when on your side.

        You won't have to struggle with your pillow anymore because of big, hard, headphones, You can move around as much as you like, and with the soft band will stay on.

        NightEars and comfy all throughout the night with long battery life to play music all the way.

        Escape the Noise

        Find peace in the midst of chaos with our sleep mask headphones

        Many individuals struggle with stress and anxiety, making it difficult to quiet the mind and achieve a state of deep relaxation before bedtime. Racing thoughts and heightened emotions can prevent you from winding down effectively, leading to restless nights and groggy mornings.

        Our sleep mask headphones offer a sanctuary of calm in the midst of life's chaos. By combining the benefits of soothing sounds and gentle pressure on the eyes, our mask creates the ideal environment for relaxation and stress relief. Whether you prefer the sound of ocean waves, gentle rain, or tranquil music, our headphones provide a customizable solution to help you unwind and prepare for a restful night's sleep. Say goodbye to sleepless nights filled with worry and hello to a peaceful, rejuvenating slumber with our innovative sleep mask headphones., but give me a small caption, a title and then embed this into main text for my image banner.

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        The NightEars Guarantee

        Try our products risk free for 100 days. If they don't work for you, or you're not 100% happy, just send them back and we'll refund you. No questions asked. 

        • Sleep soundly

          The natural, drug-free solution for better sleep

        • Improved mood

          Because better sleep means better everything

        • Reduced stress & anxiety

          Calm your body & mind by listening to relaxing sounds

        • Increased focus & energy

          Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day!

        Highly Reviewed

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        With thousands of raving happy customers buying this product all around the world, you can safely shop with confidence knowing you're being taken care of by the best.



        We believe that good sleep begins with good sleep hygiene. Why not try for yourself and get the sleep you deserve, tonight?