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NightEars™ Enhanced

NightEars™ Enhanced

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When you ditch your outdated sleep routine... 

NightEars™ Enhanced, boasts a luxurious silk-like feel and features a full head wrap for an uninterrupted sleeping experience.  

    🔆 Tired of struggling to fall asleep in a brightly-lit room?

    🎧 Sick of uncomfortable earphones that fall out or dig into your ears?

    🤕 Suffering from migraines or tension headaches?

    😫 Fed up with waking up groggy and irritable?

      NightEars will give you complete darkness anywhere, allowing you to listen to music and remove any surrounding annoyances!
      • Side Sleepers
      • 10-15 Days Delivery
      • 100 Days Guarantee
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      Your Gateway to Blissful Nights

      Product Information

      Features you'll love:

      🌟 Ergo Design: Blocks 100% light, zero pressure. Velcro for all sizes.

      🎗️ Silky Feel Fabric: Breathable, soothing.

      🌀 Roll-Up Design: Travel-friendly, scratch-free.

      🧊 Zip Pocket for Gel Packs: Gel Pack Therapy.

      🎧 Ultra-thin BT Headphones: Side sleeper-friendly.

      🎵 Removable BT Headphones: Custom fit, washable.

      🔋 Long Play Time: 35hrs, BT V5.2.

      ⏱️ Auto Shut-off Timer: 30, 60, 120 mins.

      🎶 Built-in Soothing Sounds: Offline relaxation.

      What's in the box

      🌙 NightEars™ Enhanced: Serene nights, unparalleled comfort.

      👜 Travel Pouch: Sleek, on-the-go relaxation.

      📄 Instruction Manual: Easy guidance for seamless use.

      🔌 Charging Cable: Keep NightEars ready for continuous relaxation.

      Shipping information

      We offer free standard delivery on all orders in the UK, US and AU. Deliveries take 10-15 business days to arrive.

      Please find our shipping policy here

      Money-Back Guarantee

      Try NightEars™ Deluxe risk-free for 100 days - if it's not for you, no hard feelings! Get in touch and send it back within 100 days for a full refund.

      Listen to music laying on your side!

      Side Sleepers 🛌

      Fed up with restless nights due to uncomfortable headphones? 😤😫 They'd jab into your ears or fall out, ruining precious sleep.

      Traditional options only added frustration.

      Then came NightEars—a saving grace. Their soft padding brought relief, allowing peaceful tunes without discomfort or fear of losing them mid-sleep.

      With the added reassurance of automatic turn-off, finally, Jake could fully relax. 😌😊

      Nurses, midwifes, and other nightshift workers! 🩺

      Daytime Sleepers 😴

      Imagine desperately needing rest during the day, only to be met with blinding sunlight and relentless noise. 😠

      It's Sarah's daily battle 😩. Each attempt at a nap ended in frustration, leaving her drained for her night shifts.

      NightEars blocking out intrusive light and playing gentle melodies, they created a serene oasis amidst chaos. With NightEars, Sarah was able to recharge her energy for the challenges ahead. 🎶😌

      Relax into a clam sleep

      Soothing Migraine Relief 💢

      Struggling with migraines? 💢 Applying gentle pressure has been shown to provide relief. 😌 Backed by studies, the combination of soothing sounds and customizable pressure on the eyes creates an environment conducive to migraine relief.

      Tighten the mask for added pressure, and add a cold or hot pack to the pocket for extra comfort. Say goodbye to throbbing headaches and hello to a calm, pain-free moment. 🌟

      If you want your eyes free from all pressure check out NightEars Plus.

      Pressure-Free Eyes! Click Here

      The NightEars Guarantee

      Try our products risk free for 100 days. If they don't work for you, or you're not 100% happy, just send them back and we'll refund you. No questions asked. 

      • Sleep soundly

        The natural, drug-free solution for better sleep

      • Improved mood

        Because better sleep means better everything

      • Reduced stress & anxiety

        Calm your body & mind by listening to relaxing sounds

      • Increased focus & energy

        Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle your busy day!

      Highly Reviewed

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      With thousands of raving happy customers buying this product all around the world, you can safely shop with confidence knowing you're being taken care of by the best.



      We believe that good sleep begins with good sleep hygiene. Why not try for yourself and get the sleep you deserve, tonight?